My research agenda explores how established firms and new ventures influence and are influenced by external stakeholders (government, social movement organizations, the media, consumers, local communities). I draw on institutional theory, social movements theory and stakeholder theory to examine this issue in the context of corporate social responsibility.  For example, my recent research (with Shon Hiatt, in Administrative Science Quarterly) uses data on the U.S. hydroelectric power sector to show that entrepreneurs benefit when regulators have greater discretion to make regulatory decisions. Other research (with Shon Hiatt and Brandon Lee, in Organization Science) uses data on U.S. petroleum companies to show how different tactics employed by social movement activists differentially affected firms’ internal and external responses.
Methodologically, I utilize large archival data sets, surveys, and case studies.
Published Articles, Chapters and Proceedings:
Grandy, J. & Hiatt, S. State Agency Discretion and Entrepreneurship in Regulated MarketsAdministrative Science Quarterly, 65(4):1092-1131.
Hiatt, S., Grandy, J. & Lee, B. Organizational Responses to Public and Private Politics: An Analysis of Climate Change Activists and U.S. Oil and Gas Firms. Organization Science 26(6): 1769-1786.
Hiatt, S. & Grandy, J. 2014. Institutional Uncertainty as Public Politics: Climate Change Hearings and New Technology Development. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings 2014.
Broadbent, C, Grandy, J. & Berrens, R. 2010. Testing for Hypothetical Bias in a Choice Experiment: Valuing Riparian Forest Restoration on the Middle Rio Grande. International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics, 19:1-19.
Brookshire, D., Brand, A., Thacher, J., Dixon, M., Stromberg, J., Lansey, K., Goodrich, D., McIntosh, M., Grandy, J., Stewart, S. & Izon, G. 2007. Integrated Modeling and Ecological Valuation: Application in the Semi-Arid Southwest. Proceedings of EPA Valuation for Environmental Policy: Ecological Benefits.
Papers Under Review, Working Papers and Works in Progress:
“Fighting on Two Fronts: Entrepreneurship in Regulated Environments” (Revising manuscript).
“State Agency Discretion and the Radical Flank: An Examination of Stakeholder Opposition to New Hydroelectric Facilities.” With Shon Hiatt (Revising Manuscript).
“Appealing to the Wrong stakeholder? The Uneven Returns of Transparency in Voluntary Disclosure” With Joel Andrus and Patrick Callery (Revising Manuscript).
“Going with the Flow: The Effect of Regulatory Discretion on New Technology Development in U.S. Tidal Power Industry.” (Analyzing data).
“From Legitimation to Differentiation: Strategic Decertification in the U.S. Organic Food Industry” with Brooke Lahneman (Analyzing  data).
“Environmental Capabilities and Stakeholder Scrutiny: New Venture Performance in Industries with Environmentally Harmful Inputs” (Collecting data).